Turf at the Top landscaping have just finished our garden. We had a large patch of gravel removed and turfed which they leveled off and boxed in for us, the paths around the front of the house redone in natural stone, including building up the gap we used to have between two rather odd steps we used to have at the front door!

They removed an old patio and replaced it with a fantastic new one. Built a path to the foot of the garden including a staircase to replace the old one that was more than a bit tired. And finally built a fence across the mid point of the garden to prevent access to the river at the bottom.

The standard of workmanship is excellent and we cant recommend them highly enough. Kevin was a pleasure to deal with and Alan and Ryan that were on site every day from the crack of dawn regardless of the weather are two of the hardest working guys I’ve ever met! The care they put into their work was lovely to see and they treated the whole project as if it were there own garden. Again, cant recomend them highly enough.